Chocolate Benefits guide : 9 proven benefits of eating chocolate

Chocolate Benefits.

        Over the years chocolate has been overly criticized for the saddening effects it has on our health, but in reality, the picture is quite different. When we consider consuming chocolates, the very first thought that crosses our mind is its consequences that might lead to adverse issues like obesity, acne and zits, high blood pressure, coronary artery diseases, diabetics and of course adding up the calorie intakes. But folks the actual scenario is  quite contradictory.Chocolate by itself is a boon to many, it has a lot of benefits leading to a much healthier and fitter life for the people.

The various chocolate benefits are discussed below:

  1. Lower heart risk with Chocolate
  2. Chocolate makes you intelligent!!!
  3. Soothe a cough with Chocolate
  4. Treat diarrhoea with Chocolates
  5. The weight loss regimen
  6. Diabetes Control
  7. Sun protection with Chocolate
  8. A rich source of antioxidants: Chocolate
  9. Chocolate during pregnancy

Lower Heart Risk with Chocolate

In accordance with the reports published by the European society of Cardiology Congress in Paris, France it has been proved that chocolate is a major ingredient in lowering the risks of heart ailments by one –third. Based on observations cardiometabolic disorders are likely to reduce with adequate consumption of chocolates. It has been suggested that consuming 100 grams of chocolate every day will eventually reduce the risk of heart problems and stroke.


Chocolate makes you intelligent!!!

Yes, you read it, right folks! Chocolate has an important role in increasing and boosting your memory power.

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Concentration ability is also enhanced with consuming chocolate on a daily and accurate basis. Researchers have found out that eating hot chocolate helps in regulating the blood flow towards the brain hence boosting the memory and thus helping in memory loss in older people too.

Sooth a cough with Chocolate

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When it comes to a cough we often end up consuming cough syrups which are over the counter sweet and dozed with unwanted sugars which lead to comforts for a time being. Why not try grabbing a Chocolate Bar to indulge in a soothing cough and also wanted sugars which won’t lead to drowsiness, but rather boost and energise our mood too.

Treat diarrhoea with Chocolates

Diarrhoea has prolonged effect on our health leading to further problems like weakness and dehydration too. A quick cure to this can be indulging in cocoa flavonoids rich chocolate protein that will eventually regulate secretion of fluid to small intestines, thus stopping the trots in their path.

The weight loss regimen

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When it comes to having a check on weight issues it becomes mandatory for many to avoid all foods containing sugars, calories, and salts or indulging in any harmful form of foods which can lead to adding up the extra flab onto us. But Chocolate proves to be one of a kind which can actually help in losing and maintaining weight.Most prominently when it comes to losing weight, Dark Chocolate outcasts every other type of chocolate. Dark Chocolate lessens the craving for sweet, salty and fattening foods. So adequate amount of dark chocolate if consumed for optimal health will do no harm onto us.

Diabetes Control

Today many countries are a victim of this health devastating ailment, Diabetes. But in a recent study, it has been proved that a chocolate which is high in cocoa content will ultimately help in diabetes control. For people with diabetes without weight issues, Chocolate can be a safer option to be consumed before exercising. The flavonoids contained in chocolates reduces the cholesterol level and also the insulin resistance is improved on it adequate consumption.

Sun protection with Chocolate

Sun Protection by Chocolate

Chocolates which are rich in flavonoid proteins are said to protect the sun –induced damage, improve blood circulation to skin increasing skin density and hydration. If you are planning a beach vacation, load up with dark chocolates in the earlier weeks and months to avoid sun damage.

A rich source of antioxidants: Chocolate

It has been investigated that Chocolates which are high in cocoa content are one of the highest scoring foods when measured with respect to the ORAC Capacity –Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity.ORAC basically is a measure of antioxidant activity of foods. Hence a rich antioxidant food helps in regulating the health; antioxidants help in preventing cancer and reducing the damage caused by oxidants to health.


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Chocolate during pregnancy

Pre-eclampsia is one of the major causes of premature birth which claims the life of many babies too. This condition occurs in pregnant women often leading to high blood pressure, thus leading to convulsions, blood clotting damage to the liver and in adverse cases can even lead to kidney failures. However, it has been concluded that the high theobromine content in cocoa can help in preventing these issues during pregnancy.

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Thus as you all have been updated with these outstanding benefits of chocolates, next time you see a bar of chocolate do not hesitate to give it a try. If these chocolates are consumed taking the quality and quantity into consideration it would definitely prove to be beneficial.

If you know any other Chocolate benefits then don’t keep it with you, use the comment box and let other knows.

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